CHAPTER 7: Our Values


To introduce values that form our activity as a church movement, and how those values can impact the life of a local Vineyard church and follower of Jesus.

Introduction to the Chapter

For the Vineyard, our values frame our purpose, our priorities, and where we will put our time, energy, and resources. Our values give meaning to all that we do. They also drive our purpose, define what is central to us, position the Vineyard in the larger body of Christ, and remove ambiguity in mission. How do these values impact us as Christ followers?

Reflection Questions

How do our values impact the decisions we make? Which of these Vineyard values most resonated with you? Which do you share? How has it impacted your decisions and your way of life?

What other values might you want to add to this list of Vineyard values? Why?

What does it mean to say the Vineyard is a ‘God-initiated movement’? In your experience of the Vineyard movement, is this something you see? Why?