I’d love to tell you all about myself… but isn’t that what the blog posts are all about? Part of the fun is that I’m revealing a small part of who I am with everything I publish. That’s a little scary when you consider that the government probably reads my posts more than the people I care about do, but they probably know more about me than I do anyway.

For those who are just finding my site and want the short version: I was raised in towns around Boise, Idaho (Meridian and Kuna). I graduated high school with mediocre grades and became a soldier in the Army Reserve. I was a journeyman electrician. Then a building automation programmer. Then a marketing web developer. Now, I am a Software Engineer for a company called ClickBank.

But that’s not who I am. That’s more… what I’ve done. The who I am is more nebulous. It would be better answered with things that have been more consistent, regardless of title or season. God is the foundation. Second only to God is my beautiful wife. Most of the good parts of who I am are there because of her patience and love. Then there are my children. They… are… amazing. I try to be a better man, largely for them. They deserve the best… always.

The other things that have been consistent are creativity and a desire to learn. Photography has been a steadfast outlet for my creativity. Web & software development too.

As many people do, there have been times when I thought I knew it all and how the world worked. And more often than not, it wasn’t long before I found out I didn’t have the whole picture. The older I get, the more I like that God has created life to be a mystery. A mystery full of joy and pain. I’m finding comfort in allowing myself to be a seeker, help others where I can, and live curious.

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