Langer Lake Backpacking

We’ve done lots of camping over the years. My wife and I have even done some backpacking. As a family though, we’ve never actually gone backpacking together. So this weekend was a first for us. We got some of the gear we were lacking, mostly at REI, and off we went. We chose Langer Lake. […]

Beach Camping on Arrowrock

We camped on the beach at Arrowrock Reservoir on Friday night. If you were in or around Boise on Friday night, you know the weather was… CRAZY. There were some moments we were watching the lightning and hoping the tent would stay staked in, but it didn’t rain too hard. While the wind wasn’t much […]

MC-11 Works With EF-S Lenses

I’ve used Canon cameras since 1996 when I picked up a Canon AE-1 at a second-hand store. When I got into digital, it’s been all Canon. The need has come to invest more in video in my side business, and Canon video just hasn’t been cutting it for me. I finally pulled the trigger and […]

An Outdoor Weekend

This weekend was spent mostly in the outdoors. We watched a movie in the field behind our church, we hiked into a high mountain lake, and we had church outside. I may have gotten a little more sun than usual, but totally worth it. Friday Night – Vineyard Boise Movie Night Each year, the Vineyard […]

Popsicle Stick Ninja Stars

I grew up firmly in the middle class. Definitely not wealthy, but certainly not poor either. We had plenty of toys and Lego to play with, but some of the best toys of my childhood were the ones my dad made for us. One of those toys that I look fondly back on were the […]

Willow Creek Campground

My wife had an outing this weekend, so the kids and I want camping Friday night. We loaded up and headed past Arrowrock Reservoir to see if we could find a good spot. Willow Creek Campground is the first good one past the point where Arrowrock turns into river. The weather was gorgeous but hot […]

Image Placeholders In Web Design and Development

There you are. You’re building out the next great web app that will revolutionize the world. Or you’re just building a website for a friend. You come to a place where you want to insert some images on the page. You can’t leave it empty because the page won’t lay out correctly. However, you don’t […]

Such A Gomer

From the urban dictionary: gomer: 1. a stupid oaf, a social reject I love watching The Andy Griffith Show with my kids. There are always good lessons. The episode where Gomer Pyle joined the Marines came on the other day, and it’s one of my favorites. As I considered my own takeaways from the show, […]

My 40th Year

Wait a minute. I’m not turning 40! It’s my 39th birthday. That means I’m starting my 40th year alive today. I’ve seen it coming for a few weeks now. My wife and kids seem to age me in their minds and refer to me as a 39 or 40 year old long before I hit […]

Kingsman: The Golden Circle by Matthew Vaughn

I joined some friends for a birthday celebration at the movies. The birthday boy chose Kingsman: The Golden Circle. In case you don’t read further, I’ll cut to the chase. When the movie was over, my now older friend apologized for choosing this movie. Enough said. However, the movie was not entirely without redeeming qualities. […]