Fall Break

The kids had this week off of school, so I took some time off too. We’ve been looking for an opportunity to visit our friends in Coeur D’ Alene for a while and this was an excellent chance to do just that.

We rented a great little cabin at Camp Coeur D’ Alene called Oakenshield’s Castle.

The camp had community bathrooms and showers and a community cooking area with stoves and sinks. It also provided some ladder golf and corn hole boards that we put to good use.

We also found some super cute mushrooms on the roof that we really enjoyed.

One of the stops we made with our friends was to The Mission Of The Sacred Heart. It was constructed between 1850 and 1853 by Catholic missionaries, making it the oldest building in Idaho.

Generally, we went with very little planned ahead of time, and ended up having a blast. Canoeing, frisbee golf, hiking & exploring. So enjoyable. And if you’re looking for a great place play frisbee golf, Farragut State Park has 4 courses, and they’re spectacular! Just watch out for the deer on the course.

Oh! And there were our friends at the cabin… Chip and Dale. Chip was very bold and happy to get close for a few peanuts. Dale was apparently a little more timid.

We also stopped by Wallace, Idaho and stood at the center of the universe. You knew it was in Wallace, right?

And we hiked around Coeur D’ Alene Lake a little near town too.

It was a spectacular week. We reconnected with our friends and had a wonderful time. And of course, Coeur D’ Alene was beautiful.

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