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Ghost cartoon

September 18, 2023

Don’t Ghost Me Bro!

This is part doodle… part CSS animation experiment. What you see, is a still image (a PNG), animated with CSS. The shadow is just CSS too. Cool! As is often the case, this was drawn on my iPad using ProCreate.

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Bridge of clear water

July 30, 2023

River Of Life

Life is like a river. At the top of the river sits a beautiful and perfect pool of water that is crystal clear. Drinking from that water renews and refreshes anyone who drinks. The aquatic life that swim and live in that water live forever and are continuously happy. Out of that pool flows a ...

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June 29, 2023

Road Trip ’23

Day 1 (Friday, June 23) (Nampa -> Salt Lake City, Utah) After a day of finishing things up at work, we loaded up and headed south. Reaching the hotel in Salt Lake, they told us they’d upgraded us to a 2-room suite for free! Nice! We settled in with some Food Network shows and then ...

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March 17, 2023


Heavy dust hung in the stagnant air. A stench of dying flesh mixed with oils and fragrant perfume permeated the cold stone walls. Pitch black was pierced with slices of light cutting through the suspended dust. Nothing moved. No hope. Only death. Suddenly a sharp sucking breath split the silence! Life! Sitting upright, the body ...

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January 3, 2023


I’m a Software Engineer. That’s what I do for work during the day. And I’m relentlessly curious. So, I’m constantly building something. Either to make something I think will be useful, or to try out a new technique or technology, or both. So here are some of my past and current projects.

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December 11, 2022

Young Fella

I was drawing this during church thinking it was pretty random. When I was done though, my daughter said, “hey, that looks like Pastor Brent, if he had a big nose”. It’s not what I was going for, but in hindsight, there’s definitely some resemblance. 🤣

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November 23, 2022

Black Friday

Does it strike you as strange that Black Friday is the day following our day of thanks? It’s almost like someone doesn’t want us to let our thoughts dwell on how good thing are currently. They would have us turn our minds to all the things we want instead. Black indeed. May this Thanksgiving pale ...

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Drawing of guy looking up

October 20, 2022

Guy Looking Up

This guy seemed like an excitable fellow that should stand at the bottom of a page looking up at some exciting text perhaps.

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