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Adventure In Southeastern Oregon

There are times when I have adventure withdrawals. My mind loses the ability to focus on anything except exploring the unknown or climbing a new peak. This last weekend, I grabbed my buddy Mark and both of our kids and we went exploring. We learned that it’s not wise to blindly follow the Google Map when attempting to go somewhere, but we certainly found some adventure. Fortunately, the car survived too.

We set out wanting to explore the lava fields of Jordan Craters. We found out after the fact that there is a nice road from the highway directly to the site on the North side of the lava flow. Of course, being new to the place, I used Google Maps and saw that we should go through Jordan Valley and then up toward the area. We saw some amazing terrain and Owyhee Canyon land. We drove through miles of farm land on a “road” that turns out is a “public” road, but very rarely traveled. All said and done, we all enjoyed our day and saw sites that few will ever see.

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