Doing Church In Atlanta Idaho

I have some really great family. Both the family I was born into, and the one I married into are full of loving, talented and unique individuals. This weekend specifically was a great reminder of the beautiful family that I married into.

Atlanta, Idaho is a tiny mining town nestled in the shadow of the Sawtooth Mountains and has a population of about 35 people. The folks that operate the Atlanta Chapel don’t have a regular pastor, so, at least during the summer, they invite guest pastors to come and preach, and host them for the weekend. This weekend, and for 2 more during this summer, my brother-in-law, Robert is preaching. My family, Robert’s family, my wife’s little sister Jenny’s family, and their mom, all came together to spend the weekend and serve the small town. We rounded up a whole bunch of fresh fruit and vegetables to donate to the residents, since most of the people who live there don’t make it into town often enough to get fresh produce regularly. We set it up like a farmers market and let folks come and get whatever they could use. It was very fun meeting the town’s residents when they came around to get some food. We also had a pretty good turnout at church Sunday morning and had some great fellowship with the fellow believers.

The whole weekend was nearly perfect. We had safe travels, the weather was beautiful, and the church service was amazing. I am often proud to be related to and to know Robert, and his message on Sunday was no exception. He spoke about the word “good”, in the way God used it in Genesis to describe all that He had made. It was very impacting and I look forward to hearing the next 2 messages he gives.

As always, I took many pictures. We packed a ton of fun into a far too short weekend and I hope some of these convey at least a little of it for you.

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  1. kyle jones Avatar
    kyle jones

    Hi my name is kyle jones. If I’m thinking correctly the church is at the top of the hill on the right? My grandparent owned the cabin directly across the street the red one with the bunk house behind it. My other grand mother, grandma Deenie owned and ran the whistle stop bar. I went to sunday school there every summer. The pastor at the time had a small airplane and would fly a couple of us kids to summer church camp. I would really love some photos of main street (greylock lodge ,the whistle stop, the outside of the church looking up the hill, and if possible the cabin at the top of the hill on the right across from the church. If you could do this that would be awesome. My facebook page is kyle jones. I live in JunctionCity Oregon. My E-mail is kyandmy@hotmail. Thanks for the photos!!! Atlanta is a great place to take the kids and have a great time .God bless.. Kyle

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