A Drive To The Desert


Becky joined a group of Christian ladies known as Keepers of the Home this last weekend for a retreat in McCall. While she was gone it was just me and the kids for the whole day on Saturday so I thought a nice drive would be fun. Elizabeth had earlier in the week expressed an interest in seeing what the desert was like and Travis wanted to see airplanes. Our first stop was out by Initial Point, part way between Kuna and Swan Falls Dam. That where I took this shot. We got out of the car with the intent of walking a bit and looking around but the wind was brutal and cut right through all of our clothes. So instead we jumped back in the car and headed on. Next we took a meandering path back towards Boise and stopped a few times along the way to look at some horses and cows. That’s where the horse pictures in the set are from. Finally we reached the Boise airport and ate lunch in the car parked right under the end of the runway and watched the airplanes take off overhead.

The rest of the day was spent playing video games and playing at home, but our morning adventure was a great time and I hope to have many more fun outings with my kids in the near future.

Horse Portrait








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