Lunch Bag Art

I’m not sure when it started. At some point, I began drawing things on my kids lunch bags when they had to take a sack lunch to school. It was typically only once or twice a year. They normally use an insulated, soft lunch box. During the Christmas program practice, or the occasional field trip however, brown bag lunches were required. So I would break out the Sharpie and come up with something I thought they’d like. It’s just been something fun to love on them with.

Travis is 10 now, and it’s Christmas program time. Becky asked, “What do you want for lunch?”

“A squirrel! I want a squirrel on the bag!” He said, “I have a bunch saved from the last few years.” He ran and pulled out the last 4, which had all been squirrels of some kind. Somewhere along the way, the kids decided I loved squirrels, so that kind of became the norm. He had cut them out and tucked them away for safekeeping. Some he’d colored.

I’m glad they’ve enjoyed it and hope it’s something they’ll remember. I certainly won’t forget the smiles they gave in return for my few minutes of creating them.

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