Rekt Wall Portrait

Practice With My New Flash Setup

Rekt Wall Portrait

I finally picked up an external flash. I have watched videos, heard podcasts, and seen photographers extolling the wonders of off camera flash, and now I finally have one. Being new to this small strobe stuff though, I’m going to need a lot of practice. I went with some very inexpensive equipment, but am very happy with my purchase.

I ended up buying the Neewer TT560 Flash and I also picked up the Cowboy Studios NPT-04 radio triggers.

Neewer TT560 Flash

First the flash. The biggest difference between this flash and the more expensive Canon speedlites, besides the huge price difference, is the fact that this one doesn’t have TTL. It has so far been sturdy and reliable, but you do have to set the power level manually and work from there. At the price though, around $45, this thing is a steal and well worth the cost.

Cowboy Studios NPT-04

While the flash doesn’t have TTL, it does fire wirelessly in response to the flash commands put out by many of the newer cameras. I like the option, but I really wanted to have a little more creative freedom with the flash. That’s where the radio triggers are invaluable. I’m still experimenting, but so far these work excellently with my T3i. With the transmitter in the hot shoe and the receiver on the bottom of the flash, I haven’t had a misfire. Even across the length of the church  probably a good 80′, it fired every time, no line of sight required.

Overall, I feel like I’ve certainly got my moneys worth, and more importantly, I now have the opportunity to get some hands-on time with a flash. If only I had someone to take pictures of besides me. 🙂

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