Some Garden Growth

This growing season has been full of both excitement and disappointment in the garden. Most of our plants have been steadily growing and some have even begun to bring forth some vegetables. We have already harvested some zucchini and Elizabeth loved it. The tomato plants are getting really big and beginning to form some small tomatoes. My jalapenos and garden salsa peppers are beginning to look like they should be picked soon as well.

Garden 1

Our disappointment comes from the cucumber first, as it died quickly. It did die soon enough we were able to replace it rather quickly, but it still seems to be lacking in growth. The next problem is the sweet peas. They went a little more slowly, but despite our efforts to get them to grow on the supports, they withered and died.

Garden 2

Being our first garden, this all comes as a great learning experiment, but many of the variables are still a mystery. Did we over water, or under water the sweet peas and cucumber? Don’t know for sure. Was the adjacent tree giving a little too much shade? We did trim it back but can’t really know now if that was a large factor.

Anyway, we’re enjoying our garden very much and excited to see the corn and sunflowers getting tall and all the veggies maturing.

Garden 3

Garden 4

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