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  • Vineyard Christmas Service 2012

    Vineyard Christmas Service 2012

    Here are a few pictures from the Boise Vineyard during our Christmas-Eve-Eve services.

  • Friends Christmas Party

    Friends Christmas Party

    What is Christmas, if not a time to get together, act silly, and eat too much? Well here are some pictures of our Bible study group getting together to do just that. ( The items we’re showing off in the first few pictures are our “winnings” from our white elephant gift exchange. ) Becky took…

  • Ambrose Christmas Program 2012

    Ambrose Christmas Program 2012

    Our daughter is in kindergarten at The Ambrose School. I absolutely love the heart with which they serve us and our children. The Christmas program this year was beautiful. There were a few rough notes from the string section in the orchestra, but that was hardly noticeable surrounded by the wonderful voices of hundreds of…