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  • City Cattle Drive

    City Cattle Drive

    The Idaho Cattle Association turned 100 years old. How do they celebrate? Well, run some cattle up the middle of Chinden of course. 🙂 The event was short and sweet and I thought a fitting way to celebrate their centennial.

  • Movie Night At Vineyard Boise

    Tonight was a good ole family movie night. It just included a whole bunch of extended family. Many of whom I’ve never met. The movie of the day was the Lego Movie. I love all of the smiles and excitement. Good movie, good FREE snacks, good times.

  • Kindergarten Birds

    Kindergarten Birds

    The afternoon kindergarten class at The Ambrose School taught us about the birds we have in the area this morning. They each represented one of the birds and told us about them in the first person. The kids had so much fun. I think the masks actually make speaking in front of the crowd, some…

  • Egyptian Day At Ambrose

    Egyptian Day At Ambrose

    There are more reasons to love The Ambrose School than I could list. Certainly at the top of my list though, is the teachers. Every interaction that I’ve had with the teachers at Ambrose has convinced me that they honestly love God and my kids with every bit of themselves. They seem tireless in their…

  • It Was The Best Of Times, It Was The Worst Of Times

    It Was The Best Of Times, It Was The Worst Of Times

    Today was a day of mixed emotions for me. It was all about change. Today was Pastor Andy’s last day leading worship. It also marks the announcement of our new worship leader. I’m excited and encouraged at Andy’s faithfulness to follow God, and sad at what I can see as a loss for now. I’m…

  • Awana Grand Prix – 2015

    Awana Grand Prix – 2015

    The Awana Club at the Boise Vineyard held their annual Grand Prix on Saturday. Here are some photos, but as always, the photos are a pale example of the fun that was had by these amazing kids. Oh, and I took home 2nd for my awesomely painted number 42 car. 🙂

  • Chess Tournament

    Chess Tournament

    The Western Idaho Scholastic Chess League’s tournament on Saturday, January 10th, 2015.

  • Kelby Photo Walk in Boise Idaho 2014

    Kelby Photo Walk in Boise Idaho 2014

    I went out to the Kelby World Photo Walk in Boise this morning.

  • Ambrose ChiliFest 2014

    Ambrose ChiliFest 2014

    The Ambrose Chilifest was a hoot, once again. Strangely enough, Elizabeth told me the day prior, that Chilifest was her favorite day of the year, well, right after Thanksgiving anyway. Each year the school gathers to meet many of the new families, eat, have fun, and raise money to help support the teachers during the…

  • Mountain Home Air Show 2014

    Mountain Home Air Show 2014

    Mark and I gathered up our kids and drug them out to the air show. Mountain Home Air Force Base is about an hour drive for us but the Thunder Birds were going to be flying, so away we went. The parking lot was dusty, the walk to get into the show was long, and…

  • Off To The Races

    Off To The Races

    My friend and his little boy joined Travis and I for a guys night at the Meridian Speedway. We stopped at KFC on the way for a quick dinner, then headed in for some car racing action. The boys were a little restless from time to time, but they seemed to love the speeding action…

  • Hot Rods and Motorcycles

    Hot Rods and Motorcycles

    Travis and I went out to the 31st Annual Mustang and Ford show in Kleiner Park this morning. First though, we made a quick stop at the Yamaha shop on Fairview. Such a fun day with my boy. Tons of chrome and polished paint and shiny powerhouses. One of the things that really makes me…