Mountain Home Air Show 2014

Mark and I gathered up our kids and drug them out to the air show. Mountain Home Air Force Base is about an hour drive for us but the Thunder Birds were going to be flying, so away we went. The parking lot was dusty, the walk to get into the show was long, and the day was hot. And it was awesome. The jets were amazing and so were the smaller stunt planes. The kids had a blast sitting in and walking through some of the military aircraft. It probably won’t take too much coaxing to get them to join me for the next air show that comes around.

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2 responses to “Mountain Home Air Show 2014”

  1. Great shots Paul. Favorite? The biplane going straight up!

  2. AunieSauce Avatar

    Thanks for posting these! To my surprise, I found myself among them! Little Airman Rowe 🙂 Thanks again for capturing a great weekend! ♥

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