Ambrose ChiliFest 2014

The Ambrose Chilifest was a hoot, once again. Strangely enough, Elizabeth told me the day prior, that Chilifest was her favorite day of the year, well, right after Thanksgiving anyway. Each year the school gathers to meet many of the new families, eat, have fun, and raise money to help support the teachers during the year.

In years past, there were teams of people who made a giant pot of chili, and you could come and choose which chili you liked best. This year though, the chili was catered. That changed things up a little.

The part that is most likely my kids’ favorite though, is the small carnival type games that are run by the upper classmen. There’s ring toss, and throw the ping pong ball in the jars, and rubber band shoot, and whatever else they come up with. The kids usually walk away with candy, no matter how well they do, and they love it.

The thing that probably generates the most money is the jail. For a donation, you can select one of the teachers to sit in jail. Then, if you’re the more sympathetic type, you can make a donation to get the teacher out. The kids seemed to really enjoy that part and the poor teachers were in and out of jail quite a few times.

We look forward to Chilifest and so far, we’ve always left fuller than when we got there. The chili’s always good, and the people you meet are some of the best you ever will meet.

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