Egyptian Day At Ambrose

There are more reasons to love The Ambrose School than I could list. Certainly at the top of my list though, is the teachers. Every interaction that I’ve had with the teachers at Ambrose has convinced me that they honestly love God and my kids with every bit of themselves. They seem tireless in their efforts to ensure that all of the children in their watch are taken great care of and provided with the best possible environment in which to learn.

Today was the 2nd Graders’ Exordium. This was their opportunity to show off a little for their parents and grandparents and share the things that they’ve been learning in class. Most of the 2nd Grade training is focused around the ancient Egyptians. The teachers use ancient Egypt as a vehicle for talking about all of the subjects. History, math, language, social behavior, all of it fits so well into the framework.

Of course the kids love to get dressed up and are encouraged by all of the fawning over their costumes and well seated new knowledge of another culture. And as a parent, I love to see the smiles on my beautiful daughter and her friends, and be reminded of the huge blessing it is that we’re able to attend such a wonderful school.

Egyptian Day-1

Egyptian Day-2

Egyptian Day-3

Egyptian Day-4

Egyptian Day-5

Egyptian Day-6

Egyptian Day-7

Egyptian Day-8

Egyptian Day-9

Egyptian Day-10

Egyptian Day-11

Egyptian Day-12

Egyptian Day-13

Egyptian Day-14

Egyptian Day-15

Egyptian Day-16

Egyptian Day-17

Egyptian Day-18

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One response to “Egyptian Day At Ambrose”

  1. Paul, I agree what a blessing Ambrose is, and as fathers how great a blessing we are able to attend events like these and see our children not only blessed by the Lord, but grow in the Lord. Thanks again for the awesome pictures of all the kids.

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