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August 5, 2019

An Outdoor Weekend

This weekend was spent mostly in the outdoors. We watched a movie in the field behind our church, we hiked into a high mountain lake, and we had church outside. I may have gotten a little more sun than usual, but totally worth it. Friday Night – Vineyard Boise Movie Night Each year, the Vineyard ...

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December 6, 2017

My 40th Year

Wait a minute. I’m not turning 40! It’s my 39th birthday. That means I’m starting my 40th year alive today. I’ve seen it coming for a few weeks now. My wife and kids seem to age me in their minds and refer to me as a 39 or 40 year old long before I hit ...

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August 2, 2015

Guys Camping Trip – Bull Trout Lake

Went for a little camping trip with some friends this weekend. In an effort to enjoy myself, which I did, I left my camera in the bag more than I normally would. The weather was just perfect. We hiked some of the most beautiful country in the world, and I did take a few shots.

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July 25, 2015

DIY Soccer Goals

The kids and I wanted some goals for our backyard soccer games. I thought it would be a fun little project for us this afternoon. They turned out really nice, so I thought I’d share. The whole set, including the glue only cost $30 for 2 goals. The goal ends up being about 5′ wide ...

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July 12, 2015

Cushing Reunion 2015 – Monday

The Cushing family gathered for a reunion this last week. We met in Donelly, Idaho. The camp was beautiful and the weather was perfect for a retreat in the forest. We spent a bunch of time swimming and playing in the lake because the weather was hot and the water felt amazing. I didn’t take ...

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July 3, 2015

Finch Photo Booth

We have a nice tree that sits in our back yard, just beyond the patio. Finches seem to love that tree, so we hung 2 bags of finch food there for them. We all love to hear their chirps and see them flitting around, especially in the early morning. I just purchased a new set ...

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April 29, 2015

Kindergarten Birds

The afternoon kindergarten class at The Ambrose School taught us about the birds we have in the area this morning. They each represented one of the birds and told us about them in the first person. The kids had so much fun. I think the masks actually make speaking in front of the crowd, some ...

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April 15, 2015

Egyptian Day At Ambrose

There are more reasons to love The Ambrose School than I could list. Certainly at the top of my list though, is the teachers. Every interaction that I’ve had with the teachers at Ambrose has convinced me that they honestly love God and my kids with every bit of themselves. They seem tireless in their ...

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