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February 22, 2015

It Was The Best Of Times, It Was The Worst Of Times

Today was a day of mixed emotions for me. It was all about change. Today was Pastor Andy’s last day leading worship. It also marks the announcement of our new worship leader. I’m excited and encouraged at Andy’s faithfulness to follow God, and sad at what I can see as a loss for now. I’m ...

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February 16, 2015

A Hike at Camel’s Back Park

It’s President’s Day and I have the day off. Jaidyn joined us for the day and we all decided to go out and get some exercise with a little hike down at Camel’s Back Park. The weather was almost perfect. Just a little cool and beautiful and sunny. This last one is a nice big ...

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October 28, 2014

An Event Apart Orlando – Day 2

The second day, once again started strong. Jeremy Keith started things off with a joke. A joke that fit the venue and which I’m likely to share, but one you’re gonna have to ask me about in person. 🙂 Jeremy Keith is a wonderful speaker and passionate advocate for progressive enhancement. His talk was titled ...

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October 27, 2014

An Event Apart Orlando – Day 1

So here I am a long way from my usual stomping grounds in Boise, Idaho. I am beyond fortunate to be able to attend An Event Apart in Orlando. The setting here is spectacular. Disney World is a beautiful setting and the warm temperatures are a pleasant break from our cool fall weather in Boise. ...

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October 20, 2014

I Won A VIP Membership To

I’m a little bit like Batman. One thing by day, another on my nights and weekends. Ok, that’s not entirely true. There is a ton of crossover. My day job is as a web designer. My personal business is Photography based, but I also do a ton of web design jobs as Rekt Productions as ...

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September 15, 2014

Picking Some Vegetables

My wife and I had an amazing weekend together. To cap it all off, we were invited to pick vegetables from the overflowing garden of a friend of my mother-in-law. We gathered a few boxes and buckets and headed out to the farm in Eagle. Their place is gorgeous. They mentioned that they had hosted ...

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August 26, 2014

Atlanta Idaho – August 2014

We spent the weekend in gorgeous Atlanta Idaho. I’ve traveled a little bit in my life, and I’ve seen some amazing places, but there are very few that can compare to the unspoiled beauty of God’s wilderness. Atlanta is a tiny little town of cabins surrounded by the wild river, green forest, and imposing and ...

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August 18, 2014

Camping At Whoop-Em-Up

My friend Mark and I needed to get out of town and enjoy God’s creation with our kids. We planned on doing this for a while, but still were ill prepared for some of it. We rode up together in my Durango. It seated us all fine, but when you figure in the food, clothes, ...

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May 16, 2014

Change Can Be Good

This has been my office for almost 3 years now. Well, not this place specifically, but a pump room, electrical room, or something similar at various businesses around town. I’ve been working for Yamas Controls as a Building Automation Technician for a while now, but things are changing. I turned in my work van, keys, ...

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March 3, 2014

Elizabeth’s Seventh Birthday Photos

Here are the photos from Elizabeth’s 7th birthday party. I hope you enjoy them. You’re welcome to download and share as much as you’d like. Credit is always appreciated of course, but I’m ok either way. You’re also welcome to share the link as much as you’d like, but you’ll have to share the simple ...

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March 12, 2013

Value In Transparency

I wasn’t sure I should share this one, but it really speaks to me. It feels real. So in the interest of being transparent, here it is. Most of the photos of myself are of me being silly or “cool” or having fun with my family, and while they all are me, they leave a ...

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