I Won A VIP Membership To DollarPhotoClub.com

I’m a little bit like Batman. One thing by day, another on my nights and weekends. Ok, that’s not entirely true. There is a ton of crossover. My day job is as a web designer. My personal business is Photography based, but I also do a ton of web design jobs as Rekt Productions as well. I’m also taking a ton of photos for my employer during the day, too. Ok, so I’m not much like Batman.

All that to tell you that I’m a web designer as well as a photographer. As a web designer, I try to keep up with what’s going on with the technology and styles that are popular in the area of web design. One of my favorite sites for a wealth of information and great articles is Smashing Magazine. Their posts are always well researched, perfectly edited and chocked full of useful information. So naturally, I also follow them on Twitter and Facebook too.

The other day they posted a simple “comment to win” post about the DollarPhotoClub.com. They wanted folks to comment what photo they would grab if they won a VIP Membership to the service. I, being the geeky fellow that I am, went for a cat. So I commented that I would use the one called “Sleepy Cat“.

Pretty soon, I got a tweet from the folks at Smashing Magazine telling me I won a VIP Membership. While I love using my own photography most of the time, having access to a great library of photos I might not have time or resources to shoot for blog posts or web site material will be so nice. I’ve been looking through the catalog and I’m really stoked for all the fun things I’ll be able to do with these.

Thanks again to Smashing Magazine and DollarPhotoClub.com, I’m a big fan of both.

Also, the featured image on this post is a combination of a photo from the catalog and some photos and I styling I created in Photoshop. What do you think?

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What do you think?