Value In Transparency


I wasn’t sure I should share this one, but it really speaks to me. It feels real. So in the interest of being transparent, here it is. Most of the photos of myself are of me being silly or “cool” or having fun with my family, and while they all are me, they leave a huge gap in the picture that is me. Sometimes I feel inadequate, as a husband, as a daddy, as a man who wants to honor God. Far too often. In many areas in life, balance is good. I don’t think this is one of those areas. I don’t think there is any value in feelings of failure or inadequacy. Humility is good. Sorrow, not so good.

Through our recent study through Galatians, I’m reminded that I am justified by Jesus’ sacrifice. “Jesus Plus Nothing”. Meeting the standards for greatness or even adequacy set by others, or myself, is not required to be loved and used by God. This realization is incredibly freeing and life giving. It seems to allow me to find joy in the blessings that God is giving without becoming distracted by my own shortcomings.

This picture represents the times when I’ve forgotten all this. My own ideas of success have judged me and found me wanting. Some of these things I’m trying to live up to are good things, and God will continue to work on me to sanctify me. While he does though, I will attempt to remember that Jesus is good enough for me, and I can be free to just enjoy the ride.

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3 responses to “Value In Transparency”

  1. Bless you Paul. I think you are one of the best men i know.

  2. Veta Cushing Avatar
    Veta Cushing

    Love you son. So proud of you and that you are following the steps of the Master. Keep growing stronger in Him every day.

  3. Shannon Lambert Avatar
    Shannon Lambert

    Thank you – I really needed this today.

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