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  • Morning Worship

    Morning Worship

    I took a few pictures this morning of the guys warming up for worship at the Boise Vineyard where I run the sound system. Here are a few from the morning.

  • The Sunday Drive Church

    The Sunday Drive Church

    Ryan Stevenson has hit the road, rocking and praising all over the place. He also took his sound engineer, Chris Marsden, with him. So once again, I filled in as temporary sound man for The Drive. With Ryan gone, they also needed some fill in musicians and Chris and Charity Majors stepped in and did…

  • Twelve 21 – Spring Fling ’09

    Twelve 21 – Spring Fling ’09

    The concert went great and Twelve 21 continues to improve their showmanship and ability to entertain as well as rock. Here’s a short clip.

  • BSU’s Spring Fling

    BSU’s Spring Fling

    Twelve 21, the band of which Casey Lewis (my brother-in-law) is lead singer and occasional guitarist, is playing today at the band shell. BSU held a “face off” of bands to determine who would open for their Spring Fling concert featuring Reel Big Fish and Everclear among others. They won the face off and today…