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  • Travis Shows His Muscles

    Travis Shows His Muscles

    Believe it or not, Travis, my son, can be a little hard headed. I know what you’re asking, how can Paul’s son possibly be hard headed? But it’s true. For the longest time, he refused to show off his muscles for me. In fact, he often refuses to let me take his picture. On this…

  • The Cake Baker Strikes Again

    The Cake Baker Strikes Again

    Becky worked her magic once again and made a wonderful cake for Travis’ 3rd birthday party. This one was a little more simple than some of the past but it was exactly what Travis wanted and it tasted amazing, as always.

  • Travis By The Window

    Travis standing on the couch. He was looking at a bird in the yard and pointing emphatically to ensure that I saw the beautiful robin hopping around in our grass.

  • Photos Of The Kids

    I’ve been trying some different photo sharing sites including Flickr and Picasa. Both have very nice features but I have also found that Flickr has a cap for how much you can upload per month so I return to try Picasa some more. Here are the latest of my beautiful children. — Update 2-2017 —…