Willow Creek Campground

My wife had an outing this weekend, so the kids and I want camping Friday night. We loaded up and headed past Arrowrock Reservoir to see if we could find a good spot. Willow Creek Campground is the first good one past the point where Arrowrock turns into river.

The weather was gorgeous but hot when we left. We had hopes that the air would cool as we got higher, but it didn’t seem to. The car told us it was about 96 degrees when we got out at the camp. So after setting up our tent and camp, we headed into the river in our sandals and the water felt soooo nice. Not as cold as I imagined it would be. We all walked a few hundred yard up river just watching the water and small creatures here and there.

After a dinner of fire roasted hotdogs and s’mores, we retired to our tent and talked and laughed a bunch, then finally turned off the lantern for the night. It ended up taking a while getting to sleep though. There was a bunch of dry lightning that really lit up the sky and made it hard to sleep.

We made a short lived effort toward fishing the next morning, but only Elizabeth had any bites. We also found a few small snakes in the area. One of which lived under a rock right in our campground.

The whole trip was only one night… but so much fun. A much needed refreshing time away from the norm. These are some of my favorite moments and memorizes.

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