Ambrose Back To School Picnic 2014

My little boy finally enters school. I am of course conflicted. He’s so little and I love him so much as he is, I really would love for him to always be my little tiny ball of energy and excitement. At the same time though, I’m thrilled to see his huge amount of brilliance and potential channeled toward good things and to see his knowledge grow.

My daughter enters 2nd grade this year, too. I didn’t take the time to get her class in photos since they’re old hands at this by now. I was mostly taken by the differences in the tiny people as they met their new teacher and each other. Each one was so unique, yet shared some similarities. Some were bold and excited to share what they already knew, while others, like Travis, were more timid and had to be pressed for information. The teacher definitely has a hard task ahead of her, but she was Elizabeth’s teacher as well, and I know she is very good at it.

I really love the Ambrose School and I look forward to another good year there.

Ambrose Kindergarten Introductions

Ambrose Kindergarten Introductions

Ambrose Kindergarten Introductions

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