Birthday Photobooth

The years march on. There are many evidences of the passing of time, but none so obvious as the aging of your children. And my precious little girl has turned 9. That means, that it’s been 9 years since I tucked her tiny little body into the car seat at the hospital for the first time. Woah. Anyway…

We had a party for her and some friends at the house on Saturday. She came up with most of the party games herself and had a ton of fun. She also requested a photo booth. We always love a good photobooth. I think I had the most fun watching them in the “Donut On A String” race. We hung glazed donuts from a string and they each had to eat it without their hands. The space was tight and more often, they would hit it with their mouth, sending the donut, and glaze, into their neighbors face or hair.

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