Snowshoeing At Redfish Lake

I went for a short day snowshoeing into Redfish Lake near Stanley, Idaho. I’ve been looking forward to it for a few weeks. I rose early, 4 am, and headed up through Banks, then Lowman, then Stanley, and pulled off at the Redfish Lake turnoff. I arrived at about 6:45 and the light had just begun to peek over the mountains. Sunrise was scheduled for 7:45 and I wanted to get out by the lake before the sun actually showed its face. I also happened to notice that it was about -8° F.

This was my first snowshoeing trip in a long time. It was also my first time at Redfish. I really enjoyed it. I learned that my boots were too large and left me with a few blisters. I also found that my lenses tended to want to freeze on the surface, leaving me with some foggy images.

I will do this again. The scenery is AMAZING, and the time alone was exactly what I needed, but I want to share this with my wife and friends next time.

Driving back toward home, the sun seemed to have brought the mountains alive. Lots of people were out and enjoying the almost springlike weather. I saw these guys floating down the river just West of Garden Valley and pulled over long enough to watch them and take a few quick shots.

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