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  • Langer Lake Backpacking

    Langer Lake Backpacking

    We’ve done lots of camping over the years. My wife and I have even done some backpacking. As a family though, we’ve never actually gone backpacking together. So this weekend was a first for us. We got some of the gear we were lacking, mostly at REI, and off we went. We chose Langer Lake.…

  • Bogus Basin Hike on Memorial Day

    Bogus Basin Hike on Memorial Day

    Our initial intentions were to hike at Boulder Lake for Memorial Day this year. Unfortunately, we got reports of snow on that side of the mountain that would likely keep us from making it to the lake. We weren’t about to let a little snow keep up from hiking, but we decided to change the…

  • Snowshoeing At Redfish Lake

    Snowshoeing At Redfish Lake

    I went for a short day snowshoeing into Redfish Lake near Stanley, Idaho. I’ve been looking forward to it for a few weeks. I rose early, 4 am, and headed up through Banks, then Lowman, then Stanley, and pulled off at the Redfish Lake turnoff. I arrived at about 6:45 and the light had just…

  • Saturday Evening Sunset

    Saturday Evening Sunset

    I finally came up with enough money to pick up an ultra-wide lens. I got the Canon 10-18mm and I love it. It is soooo wide, and still is sharp and beautiful. I’m going to be trying out various things with it, but I had to start tonight with the gorgeous sunset.

  • Boulder Lake In August

    We made a nice day hike on Saturday. Most of the family was riding up to Boulder Lake near McCall, Idaho in Tina’s Suburban, but if I went, we were one seat short. So I borrowed my dad’s Goldwing. What a fun ride! I was pretty tired when the day was over since my butt…

  • Pond On Fire

    Pond On Fire

    I went to the pond at McMillan and Eagle to take a few photos as the sun went down on Thursday evening. I wasn’t disappointed. The sky was lightly feathered with clouds, just enough to soften the beautiful sun as it went down. The tall grasses around the pond added a little interest and the…

  • Another Trip Across Idaho

    Another Trip Across Idaho

    I made my way through Idaho once again to call upon some of my customers. As is often the case, I had with me my trusty camera. Here are my 3 favorites from the week.

  • Early Cold Saturday Morning

    Early Cold Saturday Morning

    I awoke bright and early this morning with photographic intent. I’m usually an early riser, but with the purpose of beginning my work day. Finally, I have a morning when I can escape the schedule and sit in the dark and wait for the sun to show it’s beautiful face. I left with plenty of…

  • Hunt For The Red Wing Black Bird

    Hunt For The Red Wing Black Bird

    If you recall one of my previous posts, my daughter has been recently studying the Red Wing Black Bird in kindergarten. She has been really excited about seeing them around town and I knew of a park out toward Kuna with a good group of cat tails we could look for them around. So we…

  • Quick Trip To McCall Idaho

    Quick Trip To McCall Idaho

    A quick road trip to McCall Idaho this morning brought some really cool photo opportunities. I pulled off the road at Sugarloaf and saw this amazingly huge Golden Eagle landing in a tree. I tried to get a little closer but I could only get within about 60 feet. The shot I’m sharing here is…

  • Shoshone Falls In 30 Minutes

    Shoshone Falls In 30 Minutes

    I was meeting a colleague in Twin Falls this morning. As usual, I was early. Quite a bit this morning. I was there half an hour early. On top of that, the person I was meeting called and said they would be half an hour late. That left me 1 hour to kill and I…

  • Landscape Across Idaho

    Landscape Across Idaho

    Again I get the call like Batman and his red phone. On Semiconductor has things to control that need wired and programmed. I spring to my van and rocket across Idaho to Pocatello to do the job. The drive really is not an exciting one. The vast majority of the view seems to be straight…