Landscape Across Idaho

Again I get the call like Batman and his red phone. On Semiconductor has things to control that need wired and programmed. I spring to my van and rocket across Idaho to Pocatello to do the job. The drive really is not an exciting one. The vast majority of the view seems to be straight road and tumbleweeds. That is while I’m trying to get somewhere in a short amount of time though. I actually had a few minutes spare on this trip, so I stopped at Malad Gorge just long enough to take a few pictures.

As I look around while flying by the sights, I really wish I could stop and just explore a little. The Malad Gorge is huge. These pictures don’t give you a sense of how deep it is. There were birds flying around below me and they looked tiny. I would love to climb down into it sometime and look around. It’s beautiful. And there are tons of places like this across Idaho. I love this country.

This last one is Bill. I was in the office when I heard that Bill was going to retire from Yamas Controls as our estimator. He is an amazing fountain of controls knowledge and it’s a shame to see him go. We wanted a photo for his retirement announcement, and I happened to have the camera with me. So here’s Bill. Have a blast Bill, we’ll miss you around the office. 🙂

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