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  • Quick Trip To McCall Idaho

    Quick Trip To McCall Idaho

    A quick road trip to McCall Idaho this morning brought some really cool photo opportunities. I pulled off the road at Sugarloaf and saw this amazingly huge Golden Eagle landing in a tree. I tried to get a little closer but I could only get within about 60 feet. The shot I’m sharing here is…

  • Boise Burger Brawl

    Boise Burger Brawl

    For those who hadn’t noticed, there is finally a building in what was once the big hole in the middle of town. It just so happens that the company I work for is doing the HVAC controls for the building. It’s a pretty big project, the tallest building in Idaho. The project is being run…

  • The Pelco Camera Truck

    The Pelco Camera Truck

    At Yamas Controls, I not only install, service and program air controls, but I do security systems, including cameras and associate DVRs too. One of the brands we carry is Pelco. They came by and did a little showing off for some of our local customers and friends and we barbecued some lunch. I managed…

  • Landscape Across Idaho

    Landscape Across Idaho

    Again I get the call like Batman and his red phone. On Semiconductor has things to control that need wired and programmed. I spring to my van and rocket across Idaho to Pocatello to do the job. The drive really is not an exciting one. The vast majority of the view seems to be straight…

  • Panorama From Malta

    Panorama From Malta

    I had another little jaunt to Malta Idaho this week. Most of the trip was covered in clouds and stormy, but the clouds did break long enough for a shot just before I left. This one is basically from the front door of Raft River Electric’s office.

  • Malta Idaho

    Malta Idaho

    Where’s that? It’s where the office for Raft River Electric is at. Raft River provides the power service to a pretty large area including south Idaho, northern Utah, and northern Nevada. They also are putting in some security in their offices, including card access readers that I had to go down to program for them.…

  • Work Trip To Ketchum Idaho

    Work Trip To Ketchum Idaho

    For work this week, I took a little trip up to Ketchum, Idaho. I was tasked with doing a retrofit of the controls on the hospital’s main air handler. Naturally, I had my camera with me. This is Soldier Mountain, I took it from the road on my way through the valley. The next few…