Malta Idaho

Where’s that? It’s where the office for Raft River Electric is at. Raft River provides the power service to a pretty large area including south Idaho, northern Utah, and northern Nevada. They also are putting in some security in their offices, including card access readers that I had to go down to program for them. Malta isn’t too hard to find, head toward Salt Lake and take a right at the Malta exit, you can’t miss it.

It’s mostly farm land, but the surrounding mountains are beautiful covered in snow. I was pretty busy while I was there, but I did manage to get a few photos of the area.

I’ve lived near farms a lot, but mostly within a tiny distance to the city. I love the idea of living with room to roam and less folks to bug you, but I’m not sure I would like living quite so far from friends and having to plan a months worth of groceries at a time. Would you like to live in such a rural place?

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  1. Great jod! These are awesome!

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