Disagreement Does Not Equal Stupid

TL;DR: Please stop posting or sharing the people who try to make others seem stupid to support their side of an argument.

I follow many different types of people and groups on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and others. There are Democrats, Republicans, Christians, Mormons, Atheists, and every other ‘group’ you can think of. Supporters of homosexual marriage and those in opposition. Those who would have everyone be immunized, and those who favor a parent’s choice.

I seldom express my opinions in a loud voice, because I find that it rarely makes for good discussion, but rather, only division. If you ever want my opinion, feel free to ask, and I pull no punches, but I try not to make my own soapbox to shout from.

Lately, I have been rather annoyed by a trend on both sides of many disagreements. One side of a discussion chooses the vocal representative of the other side and does their best to discredit them or make them look like a fool. If you happen to find yourself on one side of a political or social issue, you clearly have come to that decision with some valid reasoning, I hope. If that is the case, please use that as your platform. The slandering and demeaning of your opposition only weakens your case, and creates division rather that discussion. More often than not, your opposition has come to their belief or opinion in much the same way you have, and has simply come to a different conclusion.

That applies to those that would post such things, but what of you who repost this nonsense. Please stop. If you agree that one of the President’s decisions was a bad one, feel free to say so and why. Your discussion points will be appreciated and understood much more than the reposting of a TV personality ranting about how stupid our President is. The only way people will stop using these ugly tactics, is if decent people do what is right, and ignore their poor behavior rather than spreading it.

Thank you.

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