Fourth of July 2013

Independence Day is one of my favorites. Summer fun packed into one full day, ending with fireworks. This 4th, we spent the afternoon at Arrowrock Reservoir, had some barbecue to celebrate my mom-in-law’s birthday, then watched the neighbor blow up their money. 🙂
The water was perfect out at Arrowrock and we swam, ate and played for nearly 5 hours. When we went back to Casey and Jenny’s house to barbecue, we threw the football and even got in a fun game of family volleyball over a make-shift net made of rope and painting poles. We weren’t too worried about getting out to see the fireworks this year, so we headed home as it was getting late. When we got home though, the neighbors had a nice display going and they called us over to share in their show. It was a really great day, and I even managed to get a few photos amid all of the excitement. 🙂

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