I Make No Promises

“I won’t eat your candy, I promise.” What does that promise mean? I was curious and looked it up.

promise: “an express assurance on which expectation is to be based”

You promise so that people can expect what you said to be true. So when you haven’t added the promise, people can’t expect what you said will be done. Where is there value in making a promise? Only where there is no value in the rest of your words.

Instead, strive to be a person of your word. Do everything as if your word were a promise. If you made a promise, you would make extra effort to ensure it comes true. If you don’t, others might begin to doubt your promises. It’s the same with your words, but you feel as though you can add a promise and reset their faith in your word.

And so, I will try to make no promises, but say what is true, and try to always fulfill what I said I would do.

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