Pre-Post Self Check

Our small group has been discussing screen time. Not the Apple product, but just how much our screens impact our lives. One topic that came up was social media and the reasons why we share things there. I was reminded of a list of questions I came up with last year. The idea is to check your motivations before posting something online. Maybe it’ll help you too.

  1. What emotion / feeling compels you to share?
  2. What are the possible responses from others to what you’re sharing?
  3. What will you feel / gain if the responses are positive?
  4. What will you feel / lose if the responses are negative?
  5. Does it connect and love, or does it separate and alienate?
  6. Does it glorify God? or you?

In practice, when I’ve asked myself these questions, it’s more likely that I won’t end up posting. Sometimes my wording may get tweaked to ensure God gets the credit rather than me, but most of the time, broadcasting just isn’t necessary.

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