Slave Or Subject

We’re often deceived into thinking that being subject to a king means to give up freedom and individuality.

When I picture kings and subjects, I think mostly of movies where kings were rich and ruled with an iron fist and used poor peasants to do their bidding.

That’s a filtered view though. It’s like thinking that since your father was cruel and self-centered, then all of them must be that way. Just because that’s the example you’ve seen, doesn’t mean it’s the only way it can be… or should be.

In the Bible, there is a stark contrast between the kingship of Saul and then David. Saul ruled in self interest and without real concern for the people. David was a servant and defender of the people. I think even his example pales in comparison to the relationship that God offers as King.

We tend to feel as though submitting ourselves to God as King relinquishes our rights or freedoms. In reality, without His kingship, we live without protection, without wisdom, doomed to wallow in pits of our own making. Who better to serve than the one who made you, who has for you a purpose and a future? The one who came to love and serve you and give you freedom that you won’t find on your own.

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