Steam Boat Gulch

This weekend’s activities included sledding at Steam Boat Gulch. With us went one of our favorite families to adventure with… the McNeese crew. The skies were a beautiful blue with scattered puffy clouds and the sun was bright and warm. We had an excellent day with excellent friends.

While we had a wonderful time, there was also some problems. The area was far more crowded than we’re used to. Maybe it was just combination of glorious weather and the timing of people needing to get outdoors, but there was quite a few folks enjoying the hill with us.

The hardest part though, were the deadly jumps at the bottom. The combination of hard-packed icy slides and some relatively large jumps at the bottom of all or the runs made for some dangerous rides. Even for the bravest of us, fear of injury kept us from going down the hill as many times as we would have. I’d definitely encourage anyone responsible for maintenance or safety at Steam Boat Gulch to smooth out some of the runs to keep thing fun AND safe.

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