Jump Creek January

Travis and I ventured out to Jump Creek again.

We’ve hiked here before but I think it was in Spring time and we weren’t certain how much water would be flowing this time of year. To our delight, it was a beautiful waterfall, even now in January. It has been a relatively mild winter, and today especially felt like a Spring morning.

The high for the day was only 41 degrees Farenheit, but with even just a little hiking, it was plenty warm for an outing. Since we started early, we had a dim canyon as the sun wasn’t quite high enough to peek in yet.

As we climbed out of the canyon south of the waterfall, we stepped up into the sunlight and it felt especially refreshing.

As we left, I reflected on my feelings a little. I realize that I’m the best version of myself on these outings. Even in these small half day hikes. My patience is longer than in my daily life. I feel connected to what God has for me. I have time to reflect. To pause and smell the sagebrush and listen to the breeze whistle through the rocks. To watch the birds circle and marvel at the miracle that they all are.

It reminds me of the book I’ve been reading, The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry by John Mark Comer. I’ve been reading about how important the rhythm of Sabbath is in our lives. Man, I feel it. I NEED it. Rest. Worship. 6 days on. 1 day to rest and just revel in God and the beauty around us. It. Is. Good.

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