Such A Gomer

From the urban dictionary:

1. a stupid oaf, a social reject

I love watching The Andy Griffith Show with my kids. There are always good lessons. The episode where Gomer Pyle joined the Marines came on the other day, and it’s one of my favorites.

As I considered my own takeaways from the show, I realized how much I wish I were like Gomer. The world looks at Gomer and sees a dummy. The name has even become synonymous with an oaf.

But what do you think the friends of Gomer Pyle see? They see someone who is genuinely curious about who they are and what they’re doing. They see a guy who is self-sacrificing at the drop of a hat. They know that Gomer will always be there to help, even if he isn’t good at it.

What good is being smart if you only use it to help yourself? Are people reluctant to ask you for help because you seem too busy or too important to care?

These questions are for me most of all.

Here’s what I want to learn from Gomer. Join me if you dare.

  1. Smile.
  2. …unless your friends are hurting. When they’re upset, cry with them.
  3. Have wonder & curiosity. Be interested and invested in the lives and cares of your friends and family.
  4. Be unflappable. When the world shouts, smile and do your best.
  5. See the best, assume the best, hope the best, in everyone.
    • Sergeant Carter was a better person for having known Gomer. How could he not? He had to grow in the face of such encouragement and undying appreciation.

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