Super Cheap Lightbox For Small Product Photos

My daughter is 4 years old. This year at the church Awana program, she was able to purchase some Christmas gifts with the points she earned by memorizing Bible verses. For me, she chose this lovely cross. The verse on it is God breathed as is all the Bible, but suddenly, it means just a little more to me. This is the first gift I’ve gotten from my beautiful little girl that she earned and thoughtfully chose for me. I love it. I really LOVE it.


Although I’m sure I’ll find a nice place somewhere in the house for it, I know as with all small things, it will eventually disappear into the clutter of life. I don’t want it to recede from memory forever, so I want a nice picture. So I wanted to light it well without spending some money. So here’s what I did.


That’s a translucent file holding tub supporting a piece of white printer paper. The paper serves as my endless backdrop while the translucent material of the tub does some rather nice light diffusion. The light is thrown by a 500 watt halogen from the garage and is cooled by some blue tissue paper from one of the Christmas gifts. For a super cheap and easy setup, I thought the photo turned out rather nice. Let me know what you think.

Looking back at the picture again, I thought a little Photoshop on it might add something. So here is the same shot with a little reflection added to the bottom of the image. What do you think, reflection, or no reflection?


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One response to “Super Cheap Lightbox For Small Product Photos”

  1. Johnpwells Avatar

    Paul, I am working on my bachelors degree in web applications and design. I think your ideas have been awesome and I look forward to seeing more of them. God bless, John Wels

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