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  • Awana Bible Quiz 2014

    Awana Bible Quiz 2014

    Our Awana club participated at the Annual Awana Bible Quiz this last Saturday. They did great, and of course, had all kinds of fun.

  • Friends Christmas Party

    Friends Christmas Party

    What is Christmas, if not a time to get together, act silly, and eat too much? Well here are some pictures of our Bible study group getting together to do just that. ( The items we’re showing off in the first few pictures are our “winnings” from our white elephant gift exchange. ) Becky took…

  • Bible Study Pizza Night

    Bible Study Pizza Night

    My wife and I share our lives with a small group of friends that get together once a week in Boise. Some of the nights we get together include a potluck or some sort of dinner. This Monday, we barbecued pizza, and it was spectacular. I brought along the camera because, well, it’s what I…

  • Easter Play 2012

    The death and resurrection of Jesus is a miracle that we at the Vineyard celebrate all year long. Easter, however, is a special occasion to really praise Him for what he’s done and share it with others on an even greater level. God has blessed us with some amazing ways to share the story of…

  • The Awana Grand Prix 2012

    The Awana Grand Prix 2012

    The great race. What comes to mind? The race Paul was talking about when he said “let us run with patience the race set before us”? Or do you think politics? Well I’m not talking politics. I’m talking about the most important race of our young lives. The Grand Prix. The Pinewood Derby to our…