Easter Play 2012

The death and resurrection of Jesus is a miracle that we at the Vineyard celebrate all year long. Easter, however, is a special occasion to really praise Him for what he’s done and share it with others on an even greater level. God has blessed us with some amazing ways to share the story of Jesus’ sacrifice to others, and this year is no exception. This year was in the form of a play titled simply, Easter Play 2012. Written by Brandon Freeman, the play takes a little different look at the impact Jesus had on the two criminals that were crucified with Him, on Barabbas, and on the Roman soldiers that dealt with Him.

I found the script very compelling. The point of view of Barabbas was one I hadn’t thought from very much. The play as a whole is fairly simple and straight to the point, just as the title. The point is that every person must decide if Jesus is who He said that He is, and if He is, what does that mean to me. The final words were impacting and cut to the issue with some real power.




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