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  • Cloaked God

    Cloaked God

      I’m at church this morning. We’re continuing to talk about how we, as Christians, can reveal the invisible God to those that haven’t seen Him. It’s a compelling concept.

  • From High Above

    From High Above

    I love adventure. I jump at the opportunity to try something new and fun. When my friend offered me the opportunity to fly around town with him in a helicopter, I jumped on it. The helicopter is kept at a hanger at the Boise airport. The first few photos here are while he was in…

  • Saint Alphonsus in Boise

    Saint Alphonsus in Boise

    Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center is one of my controls customers. I don’t know if it is because I’ve been there a lot or because it’s just a striking building, but the Central Tower seems rather iconic to me. Here are a few random shots from during this week.

  • Boise Burger Brawl

    Boise Burger Brawl

    For those who hadn’t noticed, there is finally a building in what was once the big hole in the middle of town. It just so happens that the company I work for is doing the HVAC controls for the building. It’s a pretty big project, the tallest building in Idaho. The project is being run…

  • Wide Angle

    Wide Angle

    My friend Doug Parkinson had his Canon EF-S 10-22mm lens with him at church the other day. I have loved some of the shots he’s taken with it in the past. I like to dabble with some HDR processing and I particularly like the images that are shot with such a wide angle. Doug let…

  • Incredible Inspiration – Naghmeh Abedini

    Incredible Inspiration – Naghmeh Abedini

    We had the privilege of having Naghmeh Abedini speak to our church this morning. The wife of imprisoned Pastor Saeed Abedini, she has endured and continues to grow in faith and love through the ordeal. She has an incredible word of faith for us and you will definitely be impacted if you take a moment…

  • Back On The Snowboard

    Back On The Snowboard

    It’s been a few years since I’ve been snowboarding. It seems a lifetime ago now, but there was once a time when I kept a season pass for Bogus Basin and made good use of it. After a few years of marriage, kids, and responsibilities, I look back and realize I’ve only taken the time…

  • Another Sunday Morning Worship

    Another Sunday Morning Worship

    Having been in the U.S. Army and a part of many other great organizations, I’ve been part of a great many good teams. None of them have I loved as much as I do our worship team at the Boise Vineyard. Lead by Andy Hendley, the team never fails to lead us into worship with…

  • Vineyard Christmas Service 2012

    Vineyard Christmas Service 2012

    Here are a few pictures from the Boise Vineyard during our Christmas-Eve-Eve services.

  • 2012-13 Awana Grand Prix

    2012-13 Awana Grand Prix

    “I pledge allegiance to the Awana flag which stands for the Awana clubs whose goal is to reach boys and girls with the Gospel of Christ and train them to serve Him.” Along with the Pledge Of Allegiance to the American flag, that’s how we start off each event, and the Grand Prix is no…

  • Spirit Of Boise Balloon Classic 2012

    Spirit Of Boise Balloon Classic 2012

    I invited some folks out for my first ever photo walk at the Spirit Of Boise Balloon Classic on Saturday morning. The turn out wasn’t huge. We had 7 photographers and their cameras. I brought some coffee and donuts and the morning was beautiful. The weather was perfect and the crowd was huge. What an…

  • The Boise Haze

    The Boise Haze

    With the almost unbearable heat this year comes the fires. Sometimes from storms or campfires, but always bringing the smoke. The Boise valley over the last few days has become a cauldron of heat and smoke, coating our lungs and giving us dreams of blue skies and swimming pools once again.