A Visit To JumpTime With The Kids

My Aunt Marilyn called this afternoon and asked if we’d like to bring the kids to play at JumpTime with my cousin’s boy Colton. Having a day free of plans, we were happy to go along for some rowdy playtime. This was our first time to JumpTime but the idea is pretty similar to Bounce or Planet Kid or a few other similar places. The unique part though, are the trampolines. They have about 10 or 12 long trampolines that look like a ton of fun and one with a foam pit at the end for jumping into. Our kids are still small enough that they love the bounce houses and it’s the best thing in the world to see the delight in their eyes as they have a blast on all the fun obstacles.

Places like this definitely make me long for a camera more worthy of the challenge of shooting in low light with a lot of action. I am still amazed at how well my good ‘ol Canon A640 does, but it doesn’t focus nearly fast enough to catch all of the action that I’d like to. Until then, I hope you enjoy the shots that I did get. I sure do.


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