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June 22, 2020

Pie Experimentation

Over the years, I’ve enjoyed making cookies from time to time. I love the responses I get when people enjoy the delicious treats, and I love the homemade goodies myself too. Last year, ClickBank (the company I work for) had a pie making contest for Pi Day. So I tried something new and made aContinue reading "Pie Experimentation"

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June 18, 2020


I’ve desired a piece of land and a nice garden for a long time. We’ve also wanted chickens and goats and lots of other things that more property would support. It’s finally looking like that might become a possibility… more news on that to come. But while I continue to dream, I’ve been reading someContinue reading "Permaculture"

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June 15, 2020

Computer Security

Today has been filled with video training on computer security. It’s all very good material, and vital for our employees to know. In all of the videos though, I learned one thing that seems very important… all computer hackers wear a stalking hat and eye mask. So be on the lookout, and stay safe outContinue reading "Computer Security"

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May 28, 2020

Developer or Engineer?

I didn’t go to college to be a software engineer. Actually, I didn’t complete college at all. When I did go, my intent was electrical engineering. The problem was, I didn’t have scholarships and my grades sucked because I had to work so much to pay for the classes. Oh, and I was very unfocusedContinue reading "Developer or Engineer?"

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May 4, 2020

Fried-Day Night

We decided to try something new in our kitchen last week. We’d never tried deep frying anything before and thought it would be fun to give it a shot. My wife picked up a thermometer for putting in the pot of oil and we found some recipes that looked good. Honestly, I was nervous. HotContinue reading "Fried-Day Night"

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March 10, 2020

What Is Love?

Love is a word that is used often in our culture. Many of us aspire to love well, and even more of us desire to be loved more than almost anything. Despite the myriad of songs, stories, and poems that try to explain what love is, it’s still hard to define. Is it a feeling?Continue reading "What Is Love?"

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February 28, 2020

Friar Freeman

Even not dressed up like a monk, you can’t help but see Pastor Mike Freeman as a seeker. His wealth of knowledge and unending humility reflects what must be a very real and personal relationship with God, and years of reading and listening. It is easy to acknowledge, but almost impossible to realize for long,Continue reading "Friar Freeman"

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February 25, 2020

In A Mirror Dimly

I stepped onto the elliptical at the Y this morning. It was just before the sun came up when I got there. As I jacked up the music and got the machine set, I looked up through the window in front of me. The immediate view was looking into the lobby. Beyond that, another setContinue reading "In A Mirror Dimly"

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February 25, 2020

Love Without An Agenda

I love the way Bob Goff writes. “Love Does” was a great book for me. It encouraged me to seek out extravagant ways to love without condition (I’m not good at it yet, but still trying). He continues to write great things and inspire people to greater love. However, I don’t always agree with whatContinue reading "Love Without An Agenda"

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January 7, 2020

Self Love

John Cooper of Skillet posted a terrific message on Facebook yesterday. #marriagemonday I love this woman! However, it’s come to my attention that perhaps I’ve been doing marriage wrong for 22… Posted by John L. Cooper on Monday, January 6, 2020 He nailed it! This is one of those things that seems to make senseContinue reading "Self Love"

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