Inherently Creative

Which came first? The chicken, or the egg? If you believe the Bible, and in God, then you have to believe that he created the bird, not an egg. He didn’t create Adam as an embryo and then wait for him to develop, so why would he do that with birds and lizards and anything else that reproduces with eggs? Do you think that he created the acorn, or the oak tree?

What I find amazing, is how He has passed His creativity into His creation. Not only has God made all things, but all of life has been designed to continuously reproduce itself. In His perfect creation, all of the elements are there for a tree to not only reproduce, but to multiply. Then His creation turned against Him.

As a result of the fall of man, creation groans as we get farther from what God began. Whole species have died out. People continue to find new ways to die. People with evil intent. Lack of food and disease. And yet, thousands of years or more later, we still see God’s design prevail. The creative part that God has imparted to His creation remains.

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