Nampa Medical Office Building HDR - Boise Photographer

Nampa Medical Office Building

I had my camera with me today so I took a few pictures of the building I’ve been working on before I left. These are actually handheld HDR pictures. If you’re new to the concept of HDR, or high dynamic range photography, be sure to check out Trey Ratcliff’s tutorials on how to do it right. He is definitely the best photographer to learn HDR from. Basically though, you shoot multiple pictures, some underexposed, some overexposed, and one just right, then combine them in software to get an image that shows detail in the dark and light areas both. Ideally HDR is shot from a tripod, but I gave it a try handheld anyway to see how it would work. They’re just a little soft but still turned out pretty neat.

What do you think?

Nampa Medical Office Building HDR - Boise Photographer

Exhaust Fans HDR - Boise Photographer

Control Panel HDR - Boise Photographer

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2 responses to “Nampa Medical Office Building”

  1. Brandon Avatar

    Nice work Paul. The first two especially turned out well.

    I’ve been using a Sony point-n-shoot with built-in HDR that works amazingly well. This week I just bought a m43 camera that supposedly has HDR “built-in”, but to my disappointment it just takes the multiple exposures and leaves the combining of them into one image to the user in software. I’ll have to take a look at those tutorials you linked and see what they say.

    1. Thanks Brandon. I have seen some nice HDR pictures from the Sony Nex-7 but I’m not sure if they’re processed in camera or in post. I do like having the control to process the HDR shots myself since I tend to lean more toward a realistic HDR than the more obvious tone mapped style. I do think having it in camera would be a serious time saver though. Why not an in camera HDR with a few options? Seems possible.

      The link I put up was to Trey Ratcliffs site and he uses Photomatix Pro from what I’ve seen. I’ve tried Photoshop’s HDR and Photomatix. Both seem to work well for me, but like I said, I process a little more subtly than some.

      Good luck, and be sure to point me toward some of your photography if you’re sharing somewhere.

What do you think?