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  • Wide Angle

    Wide Angle

    My friend Doug Parkinson had his Canon EF-S 10-22mm lens with him at church the other day. I have loved some of the shots he’s taken with it in the past. I like to dabble with some HDR processing and I particularly like the images that are shot with such a wide angle. Doug let…

  • The Clarion

    The Clarion

    Once again I find myself in Pocatello for work, and once again I stay at the Clarion Inn. It was once a Holiday Inn, and much of the building, including the indoor pool area, are very reminiscent of the Holiday Inn. I stopped for a few minutes before retiring to my room and took a…

  • ON Semiconductor

    ON Semiconductor

    I had to do some work for On Semiconductor in Pocatello this week. The drive is long and less than exciting, but if you’re looking for it, there are still a ton of beautiful things along the way. I was very busy but I managed to take just a few pictures anyway.

  • Candy Machine

    Candy Machine

    Here is a fun shot from the Meridian Bowling Alley. I shot it quick so it is a little rough, but I liked the colors.

  • Cloudy Afternoon

    Cloudy Afternoon

    This is just a shot of some puffy clouds that turned out really nice from this last weekend.

  • Eagle Fun Days

    Eagle Fun Days

    We went out to the Eagle Fun Days Parade this afternoon and somehow we managed to stay dry. It had only stopped raining shortly before the festivities began, and the parade ended as it does every year, with a giant water fight. My family and I stepped away to avoid getting soaked and I’m glad…

  • Boise HDR

    Boise HDR

    My family went downtown tonight to check out the Food Truck Rally on 4th and Grove Street. The smells were great and there was no shortage of good eats. My favorite was the pulled pork sandwich from Brown Shuga Soul Food. After stuffing ourselves a bit, we walked around town for a while admiring the buildings and…

  • Nampa Medical Office Building

    Nampa Medical Office Building

    I had my camera with me today so I took a few pictures of the building I’ve been working on before I left. These are actually handheld HDR pictures. If you’re new to the concept of HDR, or high dynamic range photography, be sure to check out Trey Ratcliff’s tutorials on how to do it…

  • From Above ISU In Pocatello, Idaho

    From Above ISU In Pocatello, Idaho

    A few weeks ago I went to work in Pocatello Idaho for a few days. Not the most exciting place to be, but it proved to have some beautiful sights to see after all. There is a hill in the south center of the city, just adjacent to the Idaho State University. On one of the…