Valentine’s Day At The Vineyard

I had the pleasure of photographing a whole bunch of the couples at my church on Valentine’s Day this year. My wife and I are a part of our Marriage Ministry and got to help plan this year’s Banquet. The theme that was chosen was “The Love Boat”. I originally thought about creating a giant life saver for the couples to pose in. While I still think it would have given us some fun photos, I think the results we ended up with are far more useful to most of them. I used 2 strobes and umbrellas, a boat rail I made from some scrap material, and a black backdrop. I found that using a strange color would have made the Photoshop process much faster, but the black made the final product nice because the edges fell off into the dark background really nicely. Here are a few of my favorites, but you can check out the whole set at Vineyard Valentine’s Banquet in Dropbox.






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