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February 2, 2015

Awana Grand Prix – 2015

The Awana Club at the Boise Vineyard held their annual Grand Prix on Saturday. Here are some photos, but as always, the photos are a pale example of the fun that was had by these amazing kids. Oh, and I took home 2nd for my awesomely painted number 42 car. 🙂

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February 22, 2014

Valentine’s Day At The Vineyard

I had the pleasure of photographing a whole bunch of the couples at my church on Valentine’s Day this year. My wife and I are a part of our Marriage Ministry and got to help plan this year’s Banquet. The theme that was chosen was “The Love Boat”. I originally thought about creating a giant ...

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Cute Easter kids

April 1, 2013

An Amazing Easter Sunday

Easter. A celebration of the greatest event in world history. The moment when death was defeated on our behalf. Jesus, setting aside pride and power, allowed Himself to be killed and buried for our sins. Then He showed His real power. The power over death and sin. Now He has given us the opportunity to ...

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March 30, 2013

We Celebrate Easter

I’ve been told that Easter was once a holiday established by some other far gone religion. It’s a shame that it didn’t start out about Jesus, the one who deserves all celebration, but I love it just the same. In my estimation, Jesus is a redeemer. He redeems us all, and He takes bad conditions ...

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